polycom rpx

polycom_rpxThe Polycom RPX series has, as its core, Polycom’s HDX video conferencing solution.
Polycom is ranked first in AV quality, interoperability, performance and content sharing over all other comparable manufacturers’ products.

Many multi-national organisations regularly use the Polycom RPX TelePresence suites to bring people together to collaborate from multiple locations and systems on the same call, thanks to the Polycom RPX suite’s companion Telepresence VNOC services. All contributors are able to participate fully whether on high definition platforms or not, eliminating the need for expensive travel, and minimising lost productivity while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Polycom RPX HD suite is designed to maximise the usage of costly meeting rooms. The unique design multipurpose table can be transformed, seating up to sixteen, thereby converting the telepresence-suite into a completely functional space. While the cameras and screens are in an idle mode, the Audio-Add function on the centralised touch panel can be used to dial a participant’s phone directly or to connect into an audio-bridge. Polycom patented StereoSurroundTM ensures voices in the room are picked up with ceiling microphones and distant participants can be heard through the integrated sound system – each voice coming naturally from where the person is sitting.  polycom_rpx.pdf

For more information on the Polycom RPX contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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