polycom soundstation premier

polycom_soundstation_premierThe Polycom soundstation premier is no more!  It has been discontinued. You’d be better served looking for its replacement – the SoundStation2EX.  polycom_soundstation_premier.pdf

While the polycom soundstation premier provided its users with unrivalled performance the later models took it much further. The specification of the original polycom soundstation premier was improved in the SS-2EX and 2W with superior voice quality (the full-duplex system eliminating echoes, clipped words & reverberations) and it is a favourite for up to sixteen conferees with the extra wired (or wireless – WDECT) microphones in place.

So instead of searching for the polycom soundstation premier, pick up your handset and dial 0800 652 8052 where a member of the TelephoneSystemsDirect advisor team will guide you to an appropriate alternative.

Telephone Systems Direct has been in the telecoms industry for years and has seen products, such as the polycom soundstation premier, come and go.  Technology always marches on at such a rate that now you can even conference in the middle of a field if you wanted to with the SoundStation2W for upwards of 12 hours – heaven forbid!

So take a final look at the polycom soundstation premier image above then get in touch.  You’ll find our prices are difficult to beat.

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