polycom soundstation

polycom_soundstationThe polycom soundstation is a very popular solution for audio-conferencing in businesses.  polycom_soundstation.pdf

Our portfolio at TelephoneSystemsDirect includes the basic Polycom SoundStation, the SoundStation2, the 2EX and the 2W.  There are specific polycom soundstation models for Avaya and Nortel Meridian phone systems.

At Telephone Systems Direct our main focus is on telecoms solutions with the Samsung OfficeServ7000 voice-servers.  We’re experts at it!  However, we don’t loose sight of the fact that our customers frequently require audio and video conference sessions.

So on purely voice-conference requirements where you need more features and functionality than the OfficeServ5000 series handsets will provide then there is a polycom soundstation available to meet your needs.  Commonly used in Sales, Marketing and Engineering meetings for peer groups at distant locations (or on their mobiles) who can participate and all can hear the other’s conversations.

For more detailed information on each model and pricing on any polycom soundstation just contact us on 0800 652 8052 now.  We think you’ll be surprised at how low our prices are compared to others.

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