polycom soundstation2 phone

The polycom soundstation2 phone (version 2W) is a wireless solution that provides the freedom for you to conference anywhere – even in rooms without phone lines – for example: on a building site. This polycom soundstation2 phone unit has all the same features as the SoundStation 2.  polycom_soundstation2_phone.pdf

polycom_soundstation2_phoneThe non-wireless polycom soundstation2 phone looks decidedly like a spider, but it obviously isn’t as it only has three, not eight, legs!  However, that’s the pseudonym that the polycom soundstation2 phone has gained over the years as it has sold in its thousands.

With the extension microphone packages it does make the experience of audio conferences more amenable as you’re not forever leaning over someone else to speak and be heard. Wherever you visit during your business career you’ll see a polycom soundstation2 phone in the middle of the boardroom table or on a side pedestal waiting to be used.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve supplied and installed polycom soundstation2 phone units to clients  and customers throughout the UK that need voice conferencing facilities that exceed the capabilities of the DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ7000 series telephony platforms that we specialise in.  For more information on the polycom soundstation2 phone and TelephoneSystemsDirect dial 0800 652 8052 now.

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