polycom speaker phone

polycom_speaker_phoneA polycom speaker phone is a unit which is used when making conference calls.  They have good clarity and are ideal for boardroom situations - giving a range of approximately 10 feet. The polycom speaker phone is available on the TelephoneSystemsDirect catalogue of products or by dialling 0800 652 8052 and speaking to 1 of our advisors.  polycom_speaker_phone.pdf

Tele-conferencing is a valuable tool for any organization as it cuts down costs and labour time. If a company has home workers or reps out on the road a conference-call can be set either with a polycom speaker phone or without. The Samsung DCS phone-systems have an easy-to-use function for this as well as on all of the OfficeServ platforms. Depending on how many ISDN channels an business has, up to 5 members can be supported. An unsupported conversation can also take place.

So if you are looking at a polycom speaker phone or any other telecoms enquiries please call us now.

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