polycom via video

polycom_via_videoPolycom via video was a polycom unit which used the USB connector on your PC to enable video conferencing to take place using the computers screen. Polycom via video was available as well as audio conferencing.

Polycom via video and audio-conferencing is easy to use on the 7030,7100, 7200,7200 and 7400 OfficeServ ranges as are many of it’s other functions including transferring internally and externally, messaging, Clip, caller pick-up, call forwarding, do not disturb, Paging, boss/secretary. polycom via video sits nicely with telephone systems and can be programmed by one of our fully trained telecoms engineers.

Unfortunately polycom via video is no longer available and support ceased in September 2010.  It is now recommended that you use the PVX software with supported webcams.

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