polycom voicestation 500

The polycom voicestation 500 is a bluetooth-enabled conference phone with a microphone range of up to seven feet making it perfect for small conferences with three to four participants.

polycom_voicestation_500With its compact industrial design, the polycom voicestation 500 fits well on a desk or table;  a great solution for offices.  polycom_voicestation_500.pdf

There is a 2.5mm applications port – Plug into a wired connection for mobile and internet calling when bluetooth is not available.  The polycom voicestation 500 has a 360-degree room coverage with a powerful, digitally-tuned, custom speaker and 3 sensitive microphones that provides uniform sensitivity from up to 7 ft away.  The polycom voicestation 500 is easy to use and install as it connects conveniently into to any analogue extension socket.

To acquire your polycom voicestation 500 at the keenest of prices all you need to do is dial 0800 652 8052 where an advisor at TelephoneSystemsDirect will provide any other information you desire, before processing your polycom voicestation 500 order for immediate dispatch.

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