polycom vsx 3000

polycom_vsx_3000The Polycom VSX 3000 is the first fully integrated video conferencing system that doubles as your PC. Imagine brilliant clarity that eliminates monitor’s  cluttering your office. His is now available with the Polycom VSX 3000.   polycom_vsx_3000.pdf

The Polycom VSX 3000 has a screen display, camera, microphone and speakers, the Polycom VSX 3000 delivers TV-like video and near-CD quality audio in a sleek, compact system. The Polycom VSX 3000 also functions as a high quality SXGA display for your computer or lap top.
Ideal for Executive offices, Doctor’s offices or Education resource rooms, the Polycom VSX 3000 extends the conference room to the personal office environment.

The Polycom VSX 3000 can be programmed as a feature on a Samsung OfficeServ telephone-system of which TelephoneSystemsdirect is a platinum dealer installing and maintaining PABXs all over the UK. Please dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to our team with any telecoms related enquiries.

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