polycom vsx 5000

polycom_vsx_5000polycom_vsx_5000a14 kHz crystal-clear, wideband-audio, while only using 24-48 Kbps of bandwidth, depending on the data rate of the call Eliminates fatigue associated with straining to hear every word Near CD-quality sound for dynamic performance. Rated the best audio-algorithm in the industry; outperforming MPEG4 in all tests.  polycom_vsx_5000.pdf

Polycom VSX 5000 StereoSurroundâ„¢
2 channels of 14kHz crystal clear audio, Superb clarity – hearing the subtleties of the spoken words. Easily decipher multiple, simultaneous conversations. Distinguish which side of the room people are talking from, just like in a real meeting

Polycom VSX 5000 Microphone Array
360° audio-pick-up. Padded feet filter out table-top noise. Sensitive enough to pick up whispers, and to eliminate unwanted background noises. Versatile and attractive design for table top, wall or ceiling mount. Only one VSX 5000 mic unit needed to support Stereo-Surround. Reduced drop-out on noisy networks. Smooth, consistent verbal communications without interruptions. Activates automatically, only when required

Polycom VSX 5000 – SoundStationVTX 1000® Integration*
Use the VTX1000 as the audio-input for the whole system, as well as a standalone audio-conferencing phone, and eliminates the VSX table-top-array. Enables POTS voice-only callers to be added to an AVConference. Maximize the value of audio/video equipment investments when used together. Enhanced voice pickup range compared to other m/c solutions – you can additionally use the SoundStation VTX 1000 extension microphone for even greater sensitivity. Video dial, mute, hang up and redial from the Sound-StationVTX keypad.

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