polycom vsx7000s

polycom_vsx7000sIf you wish you can download the Polycom vsx7000s administrator’s manual here.  polycom vsx7000s.pdf
Unfortunately the Polycom vsx7000s has been discontinued and technical support for the polycom vsx7000 ends on 31st December 2010.

Alternatives to the Polycom vsx7000s:
There are Polycom video conference packages available from our on-line store.
Dependant on your requirements you will find a Polycom unit to fit your purse. You will need to decide on the number participating in the conferences, whether your communications with the other parties will be via ISDN lines or through the internet.  Polycom has variants for both technologies.

The PVX caters for the single office user while the QDX6000 (high definition) solution with multiple cameras and speakers will cope with the conferencing suite for many participants with sessions in separate rooms with left & right audio presentation possible, giving a realistic impression of the location of opposite end conferees.

Call us at Telephone Systems Direct so we can assess your needs and recommend solutions for your Polycom vsx7000s alternative that will suit your budget.

Our specialists are here to offer advice on Polycom vsx7000s queries on 0800 652 8052. 

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