pstn phone

pstn_phoneIs the PSTN phone dying?  Not really.  The PSTN phone is changing shape and the way it connects.

pstn_phone_DECTIn the days of Alexander Graham Bell the PSTN phone was unique.  In the 1950s the PSTN phone was probably black and made of Bakelite.  In the swinging 60s we saw the TrimPhone PSTN phone.  pstn_phone.pdf

Since the introduction of GSM technology everything’s gone wireless.  There are homes out there without a wired PSTN phone – they use just their mobile 3G or 4G phone as their PSTN phone.

pstn_phone_noveltyAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we can offer you a bewildering array of PSTN phone models from reproduction GPO 500 series, Victorian Candlestick and novelty handsets at prices better than you’ll find in High Street shops. Our catalogue is refreshed every month with newer PSTN phone solutions appearing to help you with switching over to SIP phone lines when they appear in your area of the UK.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for a choice of PSTN phone products.

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