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samsung-officeserv-7400The Officeserv 7400 is said to be ‘a complete voice and data solution for the enterprise’.

In simple terms, the Officeserv 7400 provides everything that a Business could need as the Officeserv 7400 was designed to provide advanced voice, data and wireless communications in one single platform. Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer were very clever when they developed the Officeserv 7400, the largest of the Officeserv family of PABXs.  The_Officeserv_7400.pdf

The Officeserv 7400 provides a large variety of functions and features, which are cost effective and very affordable for all organisations. The Officeserv 7400 can offer any Company a number of advantages which will serve the needs of all end users. The Officeserv 7400 allows you to employ home users, due to the flexibility of the system. The Officeserv 7400 also enables multi site working. 

As you can imagine, the functionality of the Officeserv 7400 can save money and help control costs. Employees are managed efficiently and multisites are all linked together. The main advantage of the modular Officeserv 7400 is the fact that the Officeserv 7400 can grow as your Organisation grows. You can begin with an individual site and the Officeserv 7400 is practical enough to expand accordingly.

Officeserv 7400 products and install: We are very proud to have been recognised as one of the top United Kingdom resellers and have since been awarded with the Platinum Partner status.

We keep stock of every single piece of Officeserv 7400 equipment, as well as items belonging to all of the older PBX ranges.

Officeserv 7400 kit has been discounted at 25% off recommended retail price resulting in the Officeserv 7400 being even more cost effective.

Our Officeserv 7400 Engineering Team can install at low labour charges making the Officeserv 7400 our range topper. Contact us now on 01254 272614 for more information.

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