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Accreditation_SchemesYou’d think that buying from an expert would be costly.

It’s not necessarily so!

Some resellers of phone systems equipment and services have decided to concentrate on a single manufacturer’s products.  By doing so they are offered additional purchasing discount.

This gives them more scope when quoting their customers.  Obviously everyone wants to make the maximum profit on any deal – but then we’ve all heard of the win-win scenario, where both parties are satisfied.

Unfortunately one-man-bands and partners who live on credit don’t have the luxury of earning a decent margin on their deals – they don’t believe they can.  So sometimes one of you feels ripped off!

Sensible/Mature dealers have the experience to offer their client base a one-stop-shop for all their telecommunications needs and can frequently give discounts well in excess of what the punter might be expecting.

phone_systems_-_accreditationTo achieve these levels of accreditation dealerships will have to be annually audited to ensure their engineering staff has all the current certification on the phone systems, and that sales fully understand every feature and the functionality, so that they do not mis-sell.  

Finally, those who proffer a maintenance support role will have to show that they have adequate stocks of all parts so that they can fix faults within the quoted service period.  It’s not unheard of that an engineer says “I’ll have to get that part ordered – then come back in a few days to sort out your problemâ€.

Accreditation can take various forms from simply being allowed to maintain phone systems, to being able to supply, while the top level assure you that they can cope with all eventualities speedily and efficiently.  These can demonstrate all the features and facilities, not just talk about them.  By using the phone systems themselves, they know what can and can’t be done – all the better for you.   Samsung Quality Phone Systems

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