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This is the next article in our series on ten things to consider when choosing a supplier of capital equipment.

To save days of searching for any product like phone systems or photocopiers seek a personal recommendation from a client or business colleague.  But do be careful they are being sincere and are not telling you just to get a kick-back from their provider!

Find products that you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of your hard-earned money on -  by utilising the internet – be certain that you look at any video testimonials that they have put up for viewing.  But as with most situations – do not take it for granted because it could be an actor playing a role pretending to be someone they’re not!  We suggest that you write down the person’s title and the firm they represent, then by alternative means, find their phone number and call them up for a first-hand ratification of what they said.

It is possible that the clip could be a few years old and the individual who was featured has retired or moved on.  In this case chat to their successor.  Failing this, talk to the company’s telecoms or IT manager for phone systems or computer related applications that are the subject of your investigation.  These people will have relevant knowledge of the features and facilities that you are interested in and will inevitably have been in touch with the product’s maintainer recently.
You can always ring up and ask over the telephone for the name and address of any reference sites the dealership has in the industry you operate in – they’ll be glad to do that.  Hopefully they’ll have several – showing you that they have the expertise to cope with the idiosyncrasies that your profession is unique in – and, more importantly, that others have found the solution pertinent to them!  Speak to them – they feel important giving you their perceptions – which are invariably truthful.

There are other videos on our website which we hope you will view if you are contemplating us as a potential source of your phone systems and services.

Watch out for Article 7 which will focus on – Can they support you adequately?

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