residential cabling

residential_cablingThe majority of residential cabling is done in CW1308 in two or three pair giving spare capacity, although it is never usually needed.

If you want to put a new wired extension in your house with residential cabling then we recommend that you visit Currys or some similar store and purchase a home installation kit.  Alternatively look in your local paper to find someone who has the skills you require.  We say this because at TelephoneSystemsDirect our costs for a single point are frankly extortionate!

HOWEVER – if you have a small mansion or premises that needs a telephone system then we are more than happy to provide your residential cabling as part of the project.

The residential cabling in these instances will probably be CAT5e enabling VoIP to be implemented more easily with SIP trunks and the like.

If you fall into this category then you might also wish to know more about the OfficeServ7030 “voice server†that won the BEST BUY rating from What to Buy for Business magazine.  residential_cabling.pdf

Starting at £200 with 25% discount you can tailor the configuration to suit with voice-mail at rock bottom prices.

To speak to an advisor dial 0800 652 8052.

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