residential voip

residential_voipFor residential voip you might consider SKYPE, VONAGE, LINGO or perhaps MSN MESSENGER.

All these residential voip services are first generation use of voice over IP.  What does that mean?  Your speech is converted into data packets and fired across the Internet to your destination and theirs’ comes back.  For you to have a meaningful conversation this all needs to happen in real-time.  Unfortunately the World Wide Web is akin to the UK motorway network and most of the time it is uncluttered, BUT at rush hour or when there’s an accident everything grinds to a halt and only a few vehicles get through.

Fortunately the residential voip copper infrastructure is being ungraded.  BT’s 21st Century project to transform the United Kingdom broadband system to SIP trunks started in 2009 and should be completed in 2015 – hopefully you will benefit from higher speed residential voip before then….who knows?

To utilise residential voip you’ll have to register with a provider and it’s free to call someone else, unless you need to “break out†to ring a land line.

Businesses are using VoIP much more because they have Voice-Prioritisation in their networks.  This is where the residential voip users will see a difference as the switching devices in the public domain follow the same technologies.  residential_voip.pdf

For more information on residential voip you can contact the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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