retail telephone systems

retail_telephone_systemsThere are many retail telephone systems on the market.  Choosing the right retail telephone systems for your business will require investment of time by your decision makers.  You could let the expertise of Telephone Systems Direct minimise both the duration of your investigations and the amount you’ll be spending to solve your comms needs.  retail_telephone_systems.pdf

The retail telephone systems that we specialise in have been awarded the GOOD VALUE accolade by
What to Buy for Business” magazine.  These retail telephone systems come from the OfficeServ 7000 series of VoIP and SIP enabled telephony platforms.  These retail telephone systems give you the choice of traditional or IP communications; with a voicemail package envied by the competition; call recording and management applications; DECT, IPDECT or Wi-Fi mobility you can see you’ll be struggling to bring up a requirement that can’t be met.

Finally as a Samsung Platinum partner since 2002 the implementation of your retail telephone systems will exceed your expectations as we go through every line number and extension to determine what happens to all your calls.  It’s very boring for you, but essential for your satisfaction.

0800 652 8052 for your retail telephone systems solutions (with 25% discounts) PLUS ways of minimising calling costs and rentals, cabling, training, consultations, DCS, iDCS relocations and other telecom services.

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