rj11 phone adapter

computer_headsetA computer headset will mainly be used to listen to music, films or for communicating.

It needs to be so comfortable that you don’t know you’re wearing it.

The USB500 VOIP computer headset is ideal for voice-recognition, online chat, digital voice recording, listening to MP3s and computer games.

The computer headset’s USB cord has an in-line controller that lets you dial Skype, page up & down through Skype’s contacts, adjust the volume and hang-up. All this without touching the keyboard!

It’s also a stereo headset with 40mm speakers, perfect not just for Skyping, but gaming with lots of bass as well.

•Comfortable leatherette ear cushions
•Acoustic shock protection
•Noise cancelling microphone with built-in wind screen


For your computer headset contact 0800 652 8052 and speak to our team.
Why should you ring Telephone Systems Direct for your computer headset?
It’ll probably be cheaper from us than any High Street shop and we’ll deliver it to you next working day.  Simple to order over the phone.  We’ve been providing solutions to businesses throughout the UK since 1992.

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