SAMSUMG supply into many markets from financial services and heavy industries to chemicals but we know them in the UK mainly for high quality electronic design and manufacturing. Samsumg are the world’s largest producer of semi-conductors and are second ranked in the manufacturer of phones. Samsumg’s fixed-wire telecomms products have made great strides in Europe and the worldwide telecommunications market place. Samsung began in Taegu, Korea and now employs over 200,000 in most countries.   samsumg.pdf

samsumgSamsumg Network Division distributes both telephone systems and set-top boxes to the Euro zone.  It’s managed from the European headquarters in Chertsey. It sells through over 800 phone system resellers in the United Kingdom. Around 20 of these have a unique direct relationship with Samsumg while the remainder get their supplies and telecoms support third hand via distributors.  (See their web-site on Platinum Business Partners)

Samsumg telephony solutions were first distributed into the EEC by Securicor Telecoms Ltd but after a few of years of success the Koreans acquired the business, relocating it to larger premises in Manchester. Eventually Samsumg transferred most of the staff to the Chertsey-Staines area leaving just the distribution operation remaining at the Middleton site, but recently the costs of London based offices proved too much and the technical team has returned to Brookside!

(We’ve humoured your mis-spelling above in this article – It should have been SAMSUNG, rather than Samsumg!)

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