Samsung 18D

Samsung_18DThe Samsung 18d telephones are compatible with the OfficeServ range of systems but are not the best keyphones to use with the United Kingdom version.

This is because the Samsung 18d is a US model of phone. It is most suited with the American telephony network and is better known as the Samsung 18d Falcon handset. The Samsung 18d is functional with the British networks, but we would definitely recommend that a UK telephone, such as the Samsung DS5014S keyphone will be by far superior.

Samsung 18d functions:  The Samsung 18d key-phone has 18 programmable keys with the typical tri coloured LED lights. The Samsung 18d has a 32 character, 2 line adjustable LCD (Liquid crystal display) screen which shows all of the information relating to your call including the time/date, call-timer and extension name and number. There are also two fixed-keys, which are ‘hold’ and ‘answer, release’. The Samsung 18d is wall mountable with a built in speakerphone, allowing you to move around the office whilst on hands-free. There are eight different ringtones, so you can differentiate between your hand-set ringing against your colleagues.

Samsung 18d prices
: Although we would prefer you to purchase the 5000 or Euro series handsets, we do stock the Samsung 18d keysets. The Samsung 18d has been discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price and all Samsung 18d equipment can be with you for next working day delivery. Contact Telephone Systems Direct now on 0800 652 8052 for any advice that you require. We will be more than happy to help.

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