Samsung 28 Button

Samsung_28_Button The Samsung 28 button phone was designed by Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer, to work with the Samsung iDCS PABXs developed for the United States of America market.

The Samsung 28 button is the name given to the American Samsung 28 button keyphone, more commonly known as a Samsung Falcon handset.  Although the Samsung 28 button keysets are compatible with the British Samsung systems and were launched into the UK market in late 2008, we do recommend that you actually use the Euro or 5000 series  handsets when making a U-K purchase as the Samsung 28 button hand-sets are not the best ones to use.  

Samsung 28 button characteristics and functionality:
The Samsung 28 button has 28 programmable keys with the typical tri coloured LED status indicators.  There are two fixed-keys, for ‘hold’ and ‘answer release’ and it is wall mountable resulting in you having more desk space.  The Samsung 28 button has a 2 line, 32 character LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, showing all call information, time/date and extension details. There are 8 different ringtones, which can be selected depending on your mood. The Samsung 28 button is handsfree, with a built in speakerphone enabling users to roam around the office, while deep in conversation.

Samsung 28 button pricing and availability: All Samsung parts and modules, including the Samsung 28 button are in stock and reduced (25% off the recommended retail price), making any purchase cost effective and affordable.  Goods can be ordered online via this website or by calling 0800 652 8052 where our salesteam are available to help.

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