Samsung 308

Samsung_308Unfortunately the Samsung 308 never existed.  There was a Rhapsody 308 and a Panasonic 308 but the Samsung 308 didn’t make it past the drawing board.

Had the Samsung 308 succeeded as a product it would have looked probably like the DCS408 that was available in analogue or ISDN trunk formats.

Today the Samsung 308 is realised as the OfficeServ7030 with a starting price of only £200 (RRP) and rated GOOD VALUE by What to Buy for Business magazine Samsung_Brochure

Samsung_308_aThis VoIP-enabled version of the Samsung 308 is obtainable from TelephoneSystemsDirect at 25% discount.  It is THE IDEAL entry-level phone system with a wide selection of handsets and voicemail-for-all at £150.

As an SME Reseller of the Year and Samsung Platinum Partner you’re assured of excellence in all our telecom solutions.

So stop trying to find the elusive Samsung 308 – ring us on 0800 652 8052.

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