Samsung 500

Samsung_500_25_OFFThe Samsung 500 is offered to you by Telephone Systems Direct.

The Samsung 500 was designed as the iDCS 500, and latterly as the OfficeServ 500. Whichever Samsung 500 system you may have, we can supply all the cards and accessories that you require.

Both of the Samsung 500 models are still current and are fully supported by our trained Engineers.

Additional equipment is all stocked and the price is discounted at 25% off RRP.

samsung_500Should you need a Service Contract for your Samsung 500 PABX then please look no further than TelephoneSystemsDirect. We hold one of each piece of Samsung 500 kit and we can guarantee that should a fault occur with your Samsung 500 telephony, we are there to help.

Samsung 500 handsets and keyphones:  In our web store you’ll see all of the Samsung 500 hand-sets. The new DS5000 phones are stylish and give lots of features and functions. At £112.50 excluding VAT for a Samsung 500 14 Button phone we think you’ll find it difficult to do better.

Samsung_500_platWhy buy your parts from us? We are Samsung Platinum Partners. This is the highest achievement level that Samsung Dealers can have and we have done it, year-after-year! We must keep all types of Samsung spares, including your Samsung 500 and provide a Technical Department.

Look no further for your Samsung 500 advice!  0800 652 8052 connects you.

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