Samsung 616 Phone System

Samsung_616_phone_systemPlease can we make you aware that the Samsung 616 is a discontinued phone system? The Samsung 616 phone system was designed specifically for small to medium sized organisations across the World, and one of the Samsung 616 phone system’s distinct advantages over other systems was the fact that it was flexible, and simple to use. This was particularly useful when considering that every business is different with some have more staff than others and some businesses requiring alternative functionality.   Samsung_616_phone_system.pdf

The Samsung 616 phone system was not marketed in Europe. However, the UK version was called the Samsung DCS 816 (it should have been the DCS1016!), which we have installed many times over and currently maintain hundreds throughout the mainland.

Samsung 616 phone system options: The Samsung 616 phone system had capacity for six lines and sixteen extensions (twelve of which were for keysets, four analogue). As the Samsung 616 was so popular, lots were sold. We can help your Organisation if you are looking to upgrade or trade-in your Samsung 616. There are a variety of Samsung digital PBXs within the market, such as the Samsung OfficeServ7030, that we are confident that we can replace your Samsung 616 phone system. Costs are low and the features with the new voice servers are fantastic.

You don’t even have to change your old handsets! That’ll save a load of money and with our
25% discounts the replacement OfficeServ7000 will come pretty cheaply and transform the way you work with VoIP and Voicemail capabilities.

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