Samsung 7100

Samsung_7100The Samsung 7100 is the name of one of the Samsung Officeserv telephone systems, which consists of the Samsung 7100, Samsung 7200, Samsung 7400 or the Samsung 7030.


Samsung_7100_25_OFFThe Samsung 7100 is the entry level system in this range of PABXs and provides a traditional, IP based and wireless solution for voice and data communications. The Samsung 7100 is modular in nature making it suitable for any sized organisation, whether it be small or large.

Samsung 7100 specifications: The Samsung 7100 is ideal for homeworking as the VoIP technology enables employees to work from home, whilst still being connected to the Samsung 7100.
The Samsung 7100 supports up to thirty two extensions and a maximum of 30 trunk lines with either digital or analogue connections.

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