Samsung Call Management Software

Samsung_Call_Management_SoftwareSamsung Call Management Software started its life as Samsung CMS in Lite, Lite-ACD and Professional packages.

The Samsung Call Management Software applications have now bee re-branded as: OfficeServ Call Reporting and Contact Centre.

The Samsung Call Management Software is a comprehensive management tool that is easy to use.  Recording all your inbound and outbound call statistics it is a matter of a few clicks to locate the details of calls made to any specific destinations and if you have the Voice Record facility, replay the conversation; turn it into a wav file for email purposes or sharing, or even utilise it as evidence that can be accepted in a court of law.Samsung_Call_Management_Software_25_OFF

You’ll find excellent demo videos on the site showing the features of Samsung Call Management Software with and without the VR option.

Samsung_Call_Management_Software_IVRPricing starts at £295 RRP so you can get going with Samsung Call Management Software at a low introductory cost

Rather than read about Samsung Call Management Software watch the video, then dial 0800 652 8052 where a Telephone Systems Direct advisor will provide more information or set up an appointment or demonstration for you.Samsung_Call_Management_Software_plat

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