Samsung DCS

samsung dcs

The Samsung DCS sold thousands in the UK and across Europe.  In the States the Samsung DCS was known as the ProStar.

With nine slots for Samsung DCS modules per cabinet and the ability to link three cabinets together the Samsung DCS could be configured for installations approaching two hundred ports with ISDN30 trunking.

If your Samsung DCS doesn’t have a maintenance agreement in place it would pay dividends for you to get one sorted out quickly.  The Samsung DCS was brought to the market in 1996 and was made obsolete when the iDCS500 was introduced in 2003.  The end of manufacturer’s support for the Samsung DCS was in June 2008.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we are more than happy to keep your Samsung DCS in rude health.  There’s little point in throwing away a perfectly good switching product if nothing goes wrong with it and it does what you need it to.

The current OfficeServ7000 series is the next generation and takes the Samsung DCS features and facilities a few stages down the road.  Now you can have VoIP extensions at other locations round the world through broadband.  You can have your voicemails force delivered into your inbox so you have wav file storage options to refer back to more easily.  Samsung_DCS.pdf

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