Samsung DCS 24B

Samsung_DCS_24BWhat is the Samsung DCS 24b?
The Samsung DCS 24b belongs to the EURO family of keyphones. In plain English, the Samsung DCS 24b is the Samsung DCS 24 Button key-phone. The Samsung DCS 24b has 24 programmable fast dial keys (16 of them with tri-coloured LED status indicators). We should not forget that the Samsung DCS 24b also has 8 fixed-function buttons which include REDIAL, memory, DND, speaker, TRANSFER, recall, HOLD, and answer/release.  Samsung_DCS_24B.pdf

The Samsung DCS 24b features a large two line, thirty-two character, adjustable liquid crystal display screen, which provides the end-user with loads of pertinent call information. The facilities don’t end there – The Samsung DCS 24b has a built in speakerphone as well as 8 selectable ringtones. The Samsung DCS 24b can be wall mounted.

How much is the Samsung DCS 24b? The Samsung DCS 24b is priced at £180 excluding VAT (25% discounted off the recommended retail price). It is delivered brand new and is the champion of the Samsung phone range – Even the Boss uses it!

For more details on the Samsung DCS 24b, whether it is to discuss characteristics, compatibility, replacement or maintenance then contact us on 0800 652 8052 and speak to one of our qualified Sales Advisors.

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