Samsung DCS Compact


The Samsung DCS Compact is obsolete!  Support for the Samsung DCS Compact was withdrawn by the manufacturer in 2002.

Fortunately at TelephoneSystemsDirect we are still able to keep one or two Samsung DCS Compact units operating, although it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate spares.  We do advise owners of any Samsung DCS Compact that it really is time that it was replaced by an OfficeServ7030.  This capital investment has achieved its original goal.  Now you can retain all the handsets thereby extending the return for another few years.

The benefit of replacing a Samsung DCS Compact with a 7030 is in the features and facilities of the integrated voicemail and VoIP functionality.  It’s so easy to have a system extension in your home via your broadband.  So you need never miss a call after hours.  Just answer it in your study instead!  Samsung_DCS_Compact.pdf

0800 652 8052 is the number to dial if you have any other questions to ask on your Samsung DCS Compact or to understand just how cheap the upgrade into the twenty-first century can be.  We are talking hundreds of pounds, not thousands!

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