samsung ds 5007s phone

samsung-ds-5007s-phonesamsung ds 5007s phone

Are you looking for a Samsung ds 5007s phone?  Just browse our on-line store or call us on 0800 652 8052 to chat to an advisor.

The Samsung ds 5007s phone closely follows the ds 5014s in popularity due to its lower pricing.  Where the 5014 scores is in its additional seven programmable buttons allowing other extensions to be accessed at the touch of the button, also showing their status – idle,  busy or Do Not Disturb.

Should your Samsung ds 5007s phone need reprogramming our training team will be able to lead you through it over the phone.

If your Samsung ds 5007s phone is not behaving properly it may require replacing.  Under a service contract that is quickly and efficiently accomplished.  You won’t even have to pay.  Contact your maintainer – if you haven’t got support – don’t worry – speak to our Operations staff who will offer the most appropriate advice.

Make sure you get the best after-sales treatment by using a Samsung Platinum partner:

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