Samsung DS 5014S manual

Download the Samsung_DS_5014S_manualThe Samsung DS 5014S manual can be downloaded from theDOCUMENTS‘ section of our website. Simply look for the Samsung DS 5014S and click on the appropriate link.
The Samsung DS 5014S manual is in PDF format, enabling quick and efficient downloads from our site. The manual is easy to understand and any end user is capable of understanding it.

“Samsung DS 5014S Manual”

If you are struggling with this Samsung DS 5014S manual, then we can provide you with an easy English alternative. Our very own document designed by our Trainers can be handed to you. What will the Samsung DS 5014S manual tell you? It explains in full detail what the Samsung DS 5014S keyphone is capable of! The DS5014S manual details how it has a two line, thirty-two character LCD (Liquid crystal display) adjustable screen, which display all of the information necessary from your call, such as date/time, extension station names etc. The DS5014S is the most popular key-phone of the whole selection and is definitely our best seller!

For more guidance on our Samsung DS 5014S manual or to learn more about the functions of the DS5014S then contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 and speak to one of our experienced Sales Advisors.

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