samsung ds 5014s user guide


The Samsung ds 5014s user guide is the same for the OfficeServ7030, OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400 award winning voice servers.

Samsung ds 5014s user guide DOWNLOAD IT HERE
samsung ds 5014s user guide.pdf

The Samsung ds 5014s user guide is for the handsets with fourteen programmable buttons arranged in two rows of seven below the display.  The Samsung ds 5014s user guide explains how to make to best use out of the most cost-effective keyset for your business solutions.

The Samsung ds 5014s user guide tells you about the LCD information that every other DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ shows: namely the time and date plus extension identity while in idle mode.  The Samsung ds 5014s user guide advises that when announcing a call it displays the caller’s CLI (optionally the CLI-name if programmed into the appropriate inbound directory).

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