samsung ds phone

samsung_ds_phoneThe Samsung ds phone is a vital addition to your telephone system.  Each Samsung ds phone gives you and your staff access to your customers and suppliers.

Knowing who is ringing your Samsung ds phone is critical to how you answer when you raise the handset.  The two-line LCD on the Samsung ds phone provides two crucial pieces of information:  on the upper line who has called (number or name) and on the lower, the DDI (or STD) dialled by the caller.  This second piece of data tells you WHY they’re calling as it might be your Customer Services or Technical Support numbers.   samsung_ds_phone.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we’re experts on the Samsung ds phone.  We consult, sell, install, maintain and train on the Samsung ds phone throughout the UK.

As a Samsung Platinum accredited dealer and SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder you are assured of top quality advice and support from every member of our experienced team from the advisors to the technicians who visit your site to sort out problems.samsung_ds_phone_1

0800 652 8052 for Samsung ds phone services.

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