samsung fax machine

samsung fax machine

Looking for a Samsung fax machine?  We can recommend a Samsung fax machine for your home of office.  There is a selection at the moment of inkjet and laser models at a price to suit your requirement.

The range of Samsung fax machine available today are SF-375TP, SF-560R, SF-650 and the SF-750.

For desk top use the Samsung fax machine 375TP ink-jet model with its small footprint would be a good choice.

Where you want integrated scanning, copying and faxing facilities the Samsung fax machine 560R with 16 ppm reproduction may be appropriate.

Higher volumes of incoming messages and requires more paper capacity so the Samsung fax machine 750 with 400 page memory & 250 sheet tray could be for you.

For more information why not ring us at Telephone Systems Direct where we can advise prices and the Samsung fax machine features which would benefit you.

Call us on 0800 652 8052.

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