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Wiring for voice & data should mean that you’re looking for a single, cost-effective solution. Structured cabling with CAT5e is considered almost mandatory as it gives the end-users the ability to move staff around their premises, not requiring the intervention of the voice & data specialists.

voice__dataProducts combining voice & data are also to be found in the marketplace, but few companies will run the risk of having all their eggs in one basket, unless they have their own in-house IT team that can resolve voice & data issues quickly.  voice__data.pdf

Saying that the resilience of modern electronic manufacture and design make the likelihood of catastrophic failure of both voice & data elements concurrently unlikely.

So do you integrate voice & data?  You do so every day when you use VoIP (voice-over-the-internet). Because voice is now digitised in nearly all phone platforms, it can be transmitted together with data across your LAN.  However, with Layer 3 switches voice packets are prioritised over data so that clear, intelligible speech is possible.  Remember early SKYPE?  Many conversations were very difficult to understand when you happened to find a route without quality of service (QOS) built into all the nodes of the world wide web.

Why don’t you speak to an advisor at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to discuss your voice & data requirement?

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