Samsung Guide to Communications

The Samsung Guide to Communications is hot off the press as this article is written.  The Samsung Guide to Communications starts off with these words “The world of telecoms is changing fast. The convergence of IT, fixed line and mobile telephony brings the power of the network to speech, giving organisations new ways to communicate with colleagues and customers.â€Â Â Â 

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Samsung_Guide_to_CommunicationsThe Samsung Guide to Communications goes on to tell you more about the Samsung organisation and how it has surpassed Hewlett-Packard to become the World’s largest technology company.  Going on a step the Samsung Guide to Communications lists the background to the OfficeServ7000 range of VoIP-enabled voice servers and how they can bring business benefits to companies of any size through converged communications with the many applications that the modern manager demands.

Ubigate features later on in the Samsung Guide to Communications.  This iBG platform offers an alternative approach to the converging voice-and-data traffic streams.  “Designed as a replacement for several special purpose networking devices, the Ubi-gate series offer full routing capabilities, enterprise-class switching capacity, VoIP and integrated security for businesses of all sizes, from corporate headquarters and regional divisions to the smaller branch office.â€

Details of the IP phones that compliment both OfficeServ and Ubigate-iBG are described next in the Samsung Guide to Communication followed by a comprehensive listing of all the value-for-money apps that you can bolt on to make your communication solutions complete.

Telephone Systems Direct is ready and waiting on 0800 652 8052 to explain more about Samsung’s advances to twenty-first century communications.  You will realise that 0800 652 8052 is the number to dial to obtain first-rate communications from the Samsung portfolio with an impressive 25% discount.  Need we say more?

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