Samsung idcs 100 phone system

samsung idcs 100 phone systemSamsung idcs 100 phone system

The Samsung iDCS 100 phone system has been marketed for a number of years but has now been superseded by the OfficeServ 7000 PABXs. Its predecessor was the DCS Compact II which was unable to provide any VoIP functionality.

Should you be searching for additional parts or terminals for your Samsung iDCS 100 phone system we will be able to help you here at Telephone Systems Direct.

Having supplied Samsung products since 1992 and being a Samsung Platinum partner you can be sure of our competence.  Follow this link if you want more detail:

Your Samsung iDCS 100 phone system investment has hopefully provided all the features and functions that you desired at the time of purchase. The OS7030, OS7100, OS7200 and OS7400 communication servers have taken the Samsung iDCS 100 phone system to a new level.  You can transfer all your telephones when you upgrade as they are all compatible so prolonging their life.

So call us on 0800 652 8052 to chat about your Samsung iDCS 100 phone system and needs.

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