Samsung iDCS 100

samsung os7100The Samsung OS7100 stands for Samsung OfficeServ 7100 and was classed as the entry level single shelf Samsung system until 2008. The Samsung OS7100 is still a current system but as always Samsung are continually looking to update their products and technology. With this in mind, the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung have developed the new Samsung OS7030.


All Samsung OS7100 stock is heavily discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price. Features of the Samsung OS7100 The Samsung OS7100 provides a traditional or IP based wired or wireless solution for voice and data communications. The Samsung OS7100 can support up to eight lines and ttwo extensions (either digital or analogue). The Samsung OS7100 is also VoIP enabled allowing employees to work from home whilst still connected to the Samsung OS7100. Samsung OS7100 support

Our fully trained Samsung OS7100 Engineers provide continuous nationwide service for the Samsung OS7100 (and others). Contact us now on 0800 652 8052 and request a maintenance quotation. Our quotes are very cost effective, affordable, competitive and provide peace of mind in the event of any system breakdown or failure. Our Samsung OS7100 Engineering Team travel the length and breadth of the Country (except Northern Ireland).

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