Samsung iDCS 16 Phone System

samsung_idcs_16_phone_systemThe Samsung iDCS 16 phone system was designed for Samsung Telecommunications America.  The equivalent to the Samsung iDCS 16 phone system in the Europe was the iDCS100 and OfficeServ100.

We’ve reproduced their User Manual here for your convenience
samsung idcs 16 phone system.pdf

The Samsung iDCS 16 phone system uses what were termed the Falcon series of handsets and did make a brief, but unsuccessful appearance in the UK sold in packages with the OfficeServ7030.

Should you require assistance with a Samsung iDCS 16 phone system within the shores of England, Scotland or Wales then at Telephone Systems Direct we’ll do our best to help you as most of the spares for the Samsung iDCS 16 phone system are identical with the aforementioned European versions.

Obtaining Samsung iDCS 16 phone system terminals is also something we can do for you;  all you need to do is phone us on
0800 652 8052 where an advisor will listen carefully to your requirement and then advise accordingly.samsung_idcs_16_phone_system_1

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