Samsung LCD

The clarity of the Samsung LCD screens makes it simple for you to answer your caller effectively.

The older Samsung LCD Euro 12D & 24D display modules were one of the more frequent maintenance items that TelephoneSystemsDirect has had to deal with.

With the DS5000 series Samsung LCD and the current SMT-i IP-range Samsung LCD terminals that incidence of faults has been greatly reduced.   Samsung LCD.pdf

All the EURO & 5000 models had a two line x 16 character Samsung LCD providing the callers name and number in the top half while showing the DDI identity on the lower, enabling multi-department businesses to respond to the incoming call appropriately.

The latest Samsung LCD is bigger vertically making viewing more easy, and with the Samsung LCD colour displays of the SMT-i5243 video conferencing has reached new heights. 


For more information on Samsung LCD telephones dial 0800 652 8052 where a member of our team will help you.

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