samsung office serv ds 5014s


The samsung office serv ds 5014s telephone is the most popular in the 5000 series range.  The other model are DS5007S, DS5038S and DS5064 while those with a navigation key (as on mobiles) are DS5014D, DS5021D, and finally the IP  large screen ITP5112L with LAN-connected ITP5121D, ITP5114D & ITP5107S.

Samsung OfficeServ 5000 series.pdf

While the samsung office serv ds 5014s is frequently pushed to one side in favour of lesser priced options it should be the terminal of choice.  The upper row of programmable buttons give CALL1, CALL2, CLIP, DIR, VMAIL, VT & PICKUP functions leaving the lower seven for office extension or one-touch external dialling destinations.  We have found that this is the most ergonomic arrangement of use for the samsung office serv ds 5014s.

Should you be requiring any support for samsung office serv ds 5014s, our experienced technicians, under the direction of the Operations Manager will be the team resolving any problems that might arise.

If it’s instructions for the samsung office serv ds 5014s you’re after our training staff are here to answer your call.

0800 652 8052 is your help line.

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