Samsung OfficeServ 500

Samsung_OfficeServ_500The Samsung OfficeServ 500 appeared in 2004 to oust the iDCS500 that had previously displaced the applications requiring three DCS cabinets.

What made the Samsung OfficeServ 500 different was the inclusion of the MGI-2 and MGI-3 media gateway interfaces for voice-over-IP communications.


A Samsung OfficeServ 500 single shelf has 9 card slots into which could be installed:  8TRK or TRKB for 4 trunks and MOH port; 4BRI for ISDN2; TEPRI – ISDN30; 8DLI & 16DLI for keyset extensions; 8SLI, 8MWSLI, 16SLI and 16MWSLI for analogue extension ports (MW=message waiting); SVMi-8 4 and 8-port voice mail.  .

Expanding Samsung OfficeServ 500 requires either one or two additional shelves with the ninth slot being used for the SCP2.  In the expansion cabinet an LCP2 would replace the MCP2 for processing.

The final Samsung OfficeServ 500 cards are the daughter board IOM, SCM, MFM, MISC and MODEM.  These are mounted on the main or local processors.

The Samsung OfficeServ 500 was announced as obsolete in 2007 and manufacturer’s technical support ceases in 2012.

TelephoneSystemsDirect will be providing maintenance services well beyond 2012 for owners of Samsung OfficeServ 500 systems.

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