Samsung Officeserv 7100

Samsung_Officeserv_7100The Samsung Officeserv 7100 is the entry-level system in the Samsung Officeserv family of phone systems. Communication is the main basis for any Organisation, because without a telecommunication structure your Business would not survive.

This is where the Samsung Officeserv 7100 comes in to serve your Company. The Samsung Officeserv 7100 was designed to provide the perfect solution that uses the latest Internet Protocol (IP) applications along with providing all the basic, traditional telecoms technology.

The Samsung Officeserv 7100 offers an affordable option to the small to medium enterprise.  Samsung_Officeserv_7100.pdf

Samsung_Officeserv_7100_platWhy buy your Samsung OfficeServ 7100 from us?
The Samsung OfficeServ 7100 can be installed at your premises. Once your lines have been ordered and are in place, we will co-ordinate the installation of your Samsung OfficeServ 7100. Our Samsung trained Engineers will attend site and liase directly with BT (or whoever you have used for your line order). They will spend the day networking your newly acquired phone system finishing off by showing you, the end-user, all the basic functions that the 7100 can offer.

Normally – about a week later, one of our Samsung Officeserv Trainers will visit and spend a number of hours teaching you all you need to know about the characteristics of the Samsung Officeserv 7100.  As there are so many Samsung Officeserv 7100 functions, such as Least Cost Routing, Computer Telephone Integration, Auto Attendant, Direct Dialling Inward (DDI) and Conference Calling, you will be so pleased to have taken out the Training session.

Samsung Officeserv 7100 Information:
For more advice on the Samsung Officeserv 7100, please call our specialised Samsung Officeserv 7100 Salesteam on 0800 652 8052, who are on hand to advise on everything you need to know.

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