samsung officeserv ds5007s


The Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S is not the entry level phone used on the OfficeServ series of voice servers.  That is the “Standard†keyset DS2100B.  However, the Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S is the basic display keyphone and offers the user concise information on the incoming caller’s identity and also WHY they’ve called – i.e. the DDI dialled.

The Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S displays two rows of sixteen characters so in normal state shows you your extension ID and user’s name together with time and date.  There are three “soft†keys below the LCD that are context sensitive – giving a different function dependant on mode.

Besides these the Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S has seven programmable buttons for facilities such as CALL1, CALL2, PICKUP, CONF, DIR, PAGE, DSS/BLF and SPD.  The full range of functions can be advised.  Each button can be programmed to suit the staff member’s requirement.

For maintenance of the Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S TelephoneSystemsDirect is the best.  We cover the Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S and the digital port for only £20 per annum which is a very cheap insurance premium.

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Call us for support, or to purchase additional Samsung OfficeServ DS5007S on 0800 652 8052.

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