Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS

The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS truly unifies all your Voicemail, Fax-mail and E-mail making any sized business more responsive, flexible and efficient.
The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS voice-processing and Unified Messaging application provides a unified messaging platform allowing employees to access any type of messages anytime, anywhere.  Samsung_OfficeServ_IP-UMS.pdf

Vmail: Never miss another call, you can send and retrieve them easier and faster than ever before. Callers may be routed directly to mailbox or transferred to the extension first. There’s a Customised greeting in the Subscriber’s own voice. The e-Mail Gateway forwards verbal correspondence to their inbox on virtually any Mail Server that supports SMTP.

Fxmail: Send and receive faxes from your PC with no more dedicated lines, fax-modems, fax-machines and no more waiting time. Reduce cost and improve customer service with immediate document sending – all from your existing email accounts
All you’ll require for Samsung IP-UMS is the MGI-64 on the OfficeServ 7400 and either MGI-16 or OAS on the OfficeServ 7200 and 7400

Samsung_OfficeServ_IP-UMSText To Speech (TTS): Listen to your emails on your mobile with Text-to-speech. This great feature makes the travelling worker more contactable and it doesn’t matter where they are in the world as there is availability of your e-mail on any phone. T-T-S translates the sender’s name and subject – you can then listen optionally to the content.

Scalability and Networking: The Licence key design allows the Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS to be expanded economically in single port increments. 1 to32 ports on the OfficeServ 7200 and up to 128 on the OfficeServ 7400

Easy Management: With Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS, you can interrogate mails through a variety of convenient methods: Outlook, Web and IP-Mobile-or-Hotel phones.

For more information on Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS please contact Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052.  We’re Samsung Platinum accredited assuring you of the best of services and support on any Samsung implementation.

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