samsung officeserv100

Samsung_OfficeServ100This article about the Samsung OfficeServ100 is so that we can tell you that although the iDCS100 was the successor to the DCS Compact II the three systems are essentially the same – but different back-planes make them unique.

The Samsung OfficeServ100 took the previous electronics into new territories of communication. The ITM/ITM3 modules that were instrumental in enabling VoIP on the iDCS were replaced by the MGI – Media Gateway Interfaces – on the OfficeServ – the second generation of voice over IP technology as far as its manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, was concerned. (The platform that the later OfficeServ7000 series was based on.) Samsung_OfficeServ100.pdf

The Samsung OfficeServ100 was made effectively obsolete in April 2007 (technical assistance being withdrawn by Samsung in 2012). The last shipments of Samsung OfficeServ100 left Samsung in June 2007. TelephoneSystemsDirect has plenty of Samsung OfficeServ100 spares so should you be searching for support, then please do ring us on 0800 652 8052.

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