Samsung SMT-i5230

Samsung_SMT-i5230The Samsung SMT-i5230 is one of the latest series of IP phones that have replaced the ITP5100 range.

The portfolio of SMT-i is:
i3100, i3105, i5210, i5220, i5230, i5243, i5264 and W5100 (Wi-Fi)


The Samsung SMT-i5230 boast seven self labelling buttons, each with a tri-coloured LED displaying the status of extensions (idle, busy, on hold, DND). When scrolling through your extension the DSS key indicators update with the statuses of each identity.

Samsung_SMT-i5230_25_OFFThe Samsung SMT-i5230 display provides clear and concise information on user’s name and number plus time and date when idling.  On incoming ring it shows inbound CLI and DDI telling you who is calling and why.

Below the LCD are three soft function keys that are context sensitive allowing access to many other functions such as fast forward and reverse when listening to voice mail messages and others such a directory dialling.

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