Samsung telecoms

Samsung_TelecomsSamsung Telecoms UK Ltd was the predecessor to the Samsung Network Division.  Samsung_Telecoms.pdf

Samsung Telecoms was created when Samsung Electronics purchased the business of Securicor Telecoms when there had been a decision to go back to its core businesses was made by Securicor’s Board.

The headquarters of Samsung Telecoms were initially at Brookside Business Park, Middleton, Manchester at Unit B2.  However, with the volume of goods being brought into the country to service the European distribution chain tied in with the Samsung set-top box developments it soon became evident that larger premises were required.  A move into Units A1 and A2 proved very successful with three sets of offices homing Finance, Logistics, Management, Marketing, set-top-box, technical support and training.

Unfortunately times change and the powers that be decided to relocate the majority of the staff to the Chertsey-Staines area leaving the warehousing and demonstration facilities operating.  A few years later office costs led to a reversal of some of the decisions and although the Samsung Telecoms management and marketing remain at the Chertsey HQ the tech team has now returned “Up Northâ€.

Many in the industry will remember the original Samsung Telecoms people:  David Norton (MD) Peter Webb (FD) Ali Zartash-Lloyd (Marketing-Services Director) and Dave Ridley (Tech Support Manager).

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