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iDCS phone systems, manufactured by the Korean company Samsung, have been around since the late 1990’s.  iDCS phone systems were one of the leading telephony products on the market to be able to give voice-over-the-internet (VoIP) connectivity.

The iDCS100 replaced the DCS-Compact II while the iDCS500 superseded the multi-cabinet DCS.

Support for iDCS phone systems is still viable even though they are getting on in years!  At Telephone Systems Direct our record goes back to 1992.  With Platinum partner status we have an extensive maintenance stock (thousands of pounds of it) to ensure we normally fix any problem on our first visit to site.

We have user guides and administrator manuals available from the document section of our website or you can obtain from:

Should you be trying to expand iDCS phone systems but everyone you’ve called says you need a new system, ring 0800 652 8052 to get a frank answer.  If your iDCS has spare capacity, we’ll have the module(s) and terminals to meet your needs.


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