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how_to_change_the_name_on_a_officeserv_dsQuestion1: how to change the name on a OfficeServ DS5007S?

Question2: how to change the name on a OfficeServ DS5014S?

Question3: how to change the name on a OfficeServ DS5021D?


Answer: WATCH THE VIDEO >>>>>>>

It’s just the same on any OfficeServ DS, iDCS or DCS telephone.  Use MMC104. 

That’s TRSF key 104;
then press the pink HOLD button to clear the contents, then enter the new name using the numeric keypad and complete by pressing Transfer again.

You may find the attached user guide useful…….how_to_change_the_name_on_a_officeserv_ds.pdf

If you need to change the name on a OfficeServ DS with upper and lower case letters, then that has to be performed through either EasySet or OfficeServ Manager. (unless you have a manual showing you which of the programmable buttons to use – it’s the bottom left on the DS 5014S)  Call us for more information on these applications….

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